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Preparing your yacht for Export or Over-the-Road Yacht Transport

(Optional Recommendations)
The safest option is to remove items like GPS & Fish Finders from the boat, or, safely lock them away on board and have the key available at its destination. It will be needed when clearing customs.

Your vessel should be as clean as possible. The hull should be free from barnacles and other organic contamination. The inside should be vacuumed and no dirt or mud. This is to avoid any hold ups and extra expense with quarantine.

Trailers should be in good roadworthy condition. Any damages resulting from a faulty trailer will not be covered by the Yacht Transporters insurance.

Ships masts should be removed from the deck prior to yacht transport. Keels and Radar Arches, Fly Bridges, Swim Platforms, Bowsprits – Ask Us.

Remember, reducing size and volume reduces Yacht Transport costs.
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Yacht Transport Insurance

We can insure your yacht for the full transportation, from the time we receive the yacht, until the time you take delivery.

Whether you are buying FOB or EX, we can offer comprehensive and competitive marine insurance to cover your shipment in transit.

Don’t take the risk…

Just ask us to include Yacht Transport insurance in your quote.

Shipping a yacht is a specialized field. Every situation is a little unique. Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is anything you would like help with.

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